Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quinn Meeting Brock

So glad I was there when Quinn met Brock. The very first thing she
did was cover him. (She loves to cover her dolls). She was really
sweet with him, trying to get close all the time. .... covering him
with the blankets from the floor, jostling the carrier, stepping on
mom's toes, hopping around in her excitement.

Two nice touches: Brock brought Quinn a wood guitar; and p&d dressed
the baby in the same outfit that Quinn came home in - a fluffy cream
hippo outfit. :-)

Brockston Toby Shefman

Born: 12/28/09 12:11pm
Weight: 8lbs 3oz
Length: 21.5in
Head size: 14"

The story:
Pam wake Drew up at 3:45 saying that her water broke (books and movies certainly downplay the volume or repeatability of this). (This BTW is 9 days early, original due date was 1/6/2010).

We quickly decide that Drew would stay home and take Quinn to school and see if Pat could take Pam to the hospital. Pat was super excited to "get the call".

Pat and Pam get to the hospital around 6 or so, Pitocin started at 7:30 to speed things along. Epidural happened at 8:30. Drew showed up at 8:35 (perfect timing, I didn't have to see Pam in pain at all... even though it was relatively short period compared to Quinn).

Nurses said we'd deliver around noon (Crazy, Quinn was nearly 24 hours in labor, Brock was a mere 8).

We pushed with the nurse (Carolyn was great) and had gotten Brock all the way down to where he was crowning, but they couldn't locate the on-call OB Dr to come deliver. They were making pages of the nature "Could you get Dr. Jo the baby is FALLING OUT!"

The Dr came in just in time, and it was quite explosive birth (at least from Drew's perspective)... only three major pushes!

But overall very easy (relative to Quinn).... small epistiotomy. They actually released us Tuesday afternoon a little over 24 hours in the hospital.

He has latched on great and doing a good job of breaking in the boobs, so to speak. :)