Monday, May 30, 2011


2 hours of swimming yesterday, 3 hours of swimming today... man it is certainly exhausting especially because Brock can't swim yet.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Different then my sister

We went to Rainforest Cafe the other day. Brock LOVED it... We sat right next to the elephants and he was entranced the whole time...

For Quinn, it took a lot of convincing that they were fake elephants and it wasn't really raining... She did great and hid her head during the "thunderstorms"... But overall she was still scared.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worst couple of days

So Monday at 6:00pm we had a biking accident where the chariot holding both kids tipped over as we hit a curb trying to avoid a car that didn't see us. Quinn hits her head on the concrete and Brock hits Quinn.

6:15pm Brock has a febrile seizure from a rapid temp increase to 103.

We treat his fever all night and take him to the doctor on tuesday. They say it is probably Roseola and should have a fever for 3 days. Okay we are leaving on Wed (today) to San Jose, CA... so we plan for the fever reducers and get a anti-seizure suppository for the plane.

1:00am he wakes up so dad takes him to the apartment (because of course mom is also sick) around 4:40am he throws up on dad he still has a fever, medication, throw-up again wakes up mom and then sleeps for 20 minutes (lower temp at least). New meds at 6:15 including anti-nausea, throw-up again. Sleep finally for 30 minutes and Quinn wakes him up....

By 7:15am, fever again, throw-up without any med or provocation, of course all over mom... but now able to eat 20 cheerios... shower and ready for the doctor, of course have to throw-up one more time before we even leave the house around 10:50... sleep on the way to the doctors, at the doctors, and confirmed vis a CBC test it was a virus.... not only does Brock hate the finger prick, but the band-aid is like a mortal enemy, even when he feels crappy.

finally, make it home and into bed (again) by 1:30 and sleep until almost 4pm... wake up a new kid and ready to eat... and eat... and eat... cheerios, then oyster crakers, mac-n-cheese, applesauce, stole some of Quinn's fish sticks... and overall generally happy considering the disappointing 1.5 hours in the double stroller waiting for Southwest to never get on a plane to San Jose...

We had perfectly planned on 1 hour and 30 minutes to give us plenty of time at the airport. For whatever reason getting through the line to check in bags took 1:29. We were not able to catch our flight. The whole family was very disappointed. Here is Quinn's reaction as we are leaving the airport, having missed our flight

Monday, May 9, 2011


Quinn hates corn... Brock on the other hand, who hasn't had it, practically fell out of his chair reaching for mine last night. He ate over 1/2 a cob.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Playground heights

Didn't think he would do it, but Brock tried to climb Down a very high ledge. It is too bad, I was starting to trust him on the playground a little bit.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amazing feats of strength (and death avoidance)

Somehow Brock managed to topple a very heavy candelabra yesterday. Fortunately it didn't land on him, as it weighs near 50 lbs. It is funny to imagine that a toddler can do something that requires an adult to use tools to fix.

Two word sentances

Brock is now able to say "More Please" in sign language.