Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goose eggs continued

I think that yesterday's head hitting count was up to 4 or 5. Quinn ran into him in the morning causing him to face plant on the concrete to get the forehead. Then he fell of of the first step of a bleacher into the 2nd step for a back of the head hurt. Then we walked into the corner of the same bleacher for a side injury. Was reaching for something under the table and came up too soon, that covered the top of the head. It is possible we missed the opposite side, but I'm not sure...

Oy vay

Dang it

Brock knocked over a box that was on my desk and quite clearly said "dang it".... hmmm....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dr's Visit

At his 18m Dr's visit, Dr said that Brock was incredibly verbal for his age, and that she clearly understood several of his words. I'm not sure I agree, as my memory of Quinn has the words being much more clear - but it is good to hear.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


At a Mexican restaurant tonight, Brock was insistent on dipping a chip into the spicy salsa. I warned him against it, but he wouldn't listen... Needless to say, that he wasn't very happy after he tried it. Oddly enough, about a half hour later, he had apparently forgotten, because he wanted to do it again. Also, not a good sign.


Brock has discovered immense joy in face planting on the sofa. He has done it a dozen times or so today. Several of those times he has hurt his face or nose. But he hasn't stopped.... this is a bad sign.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Feeding others

Brock might be a chef when he grows up.... He loves feeding others!


While Brock still mostly talks in grunts and noises, he does have a few words albiet mostly unique.

Mamma and dadda - of course
Quinn sounds like "mamma" but at a unique pitch.. it isn't something I can spell
Zoe is said with a click... as in general "come here" for dogs
Yogurt is "yogurrrr"
Milk is "mmmmmm"
There have been a couple of other one-offs which were quite accurate, but nothing consistent yet

What a trooper

In Pittsburgh, Brock did a great job of pushing through naps and extending bedtimes as we forced him to tour Pittsburgh and DC with us. I was quite surprised at how flexible he was with his schedule.