Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vaudville here we come

So while changing a poopy diaper.... Brock starts pee-ing... okay, I miss a little, but I was mostly ready for this to happen. I wait what you'd think would be an appropriate time for a micro-bladder, and try to resume the diaper change....

Well he was still peeing.... So he gets a little more pee on me and himself, but I quickly cover him again and wait some more...

Once again, I resume the diaper change and he is still peeing. More messy.....

This time I cover him, but kinda leave it accessible to watch.

The crazy kid somehow stopped peeing when I covered him, and only resumed when I removed the diaper. (That's crazy muscle control.... I can barely even perform a feat like that).

Anyways, now I left enough room for him to pee into the air and not make an additional mess.... but the damage was done.... pee everywhere.

It really felt like this should have been a Vaudville skit.

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