Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trying new foods conundrums

While cooking dinner tonight, I ran into an unexpected philosophical dilemma. We were grating parm, and Brock wanted to try it. Fine. Quinn was already snitching massive "pinches" at a time (that IS the whole fun of helping, right). So Brock tried it, and spit it out.

"No like it," as he is famous for saying.


A minute later, he takes another big sampling. Splits it out, again "No like it"

This repeated 2 more times. Then the fifth time, we actually cut of a small piece of the cheese for the kids to have... again spit it out.

As I'm amazed that Brock clearly doesn't learn that he doesn't like Parm cheese, another part of my brain was jumping in with the following internal dialogue.

"Don't mention anything!!! He just tried something he didn't like 5 times. This is gold! Quinn figures out she doesn't like something after -1 tries, Brock never figures it out...... this is good, keep your mouth shut about the wasting food"

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