Sunday, December 16, 2012

Such a boy

Here is a list of tiny observations about his boyness:

  • We have dinner at Natachees, which happens to be directly infront of a rail stop. Brock spends the entire time watching the "trains". One comes about every seven minutes. That is almost all he does while we are there
  • I get him a air ping pong gun, the kind that squirts out a ping pong ball, with a nice pop. His new favorite toy. He loves building a tower of blocks, and shoot them down.
  • Go to a gymnnastics party or a bounce house party, and he wants to play catch
  • On the gymnastics mat, he loves to run and tumble, but not in a somesault way. More in a run full speed, jump, and land on his knees and then roll to the side kind of way. 

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