Thursday, January 10, 2013

Testing boundaries

The other night, Brock had decided that he wanted some of the birthday party favor chocolate that he got. Quinn decided that she wanted some of her halloween candy. After eating the chocolate, Brock wanted candy too, but we firmly said no. He was determined to get it himself, and was trying to drag his stool over to the counter so he could get it himself.

I was holding the stool and firmly told him that he had chosen the chocolate and couldn't have the candy. I also said that if you went over to the counter, that it would be immediately bedtime. (btw, the candy was in the middle of the counter).

I let go of the stool, and Brock, all the while looking at me, dragged the stool to the far left of the edge of the counter and asked if that was okay. I said yes, and he climbed up and played with the light switches. Then we moved the stool out and to the far right edge and asked if that was okay. I said yes, and he played with the other light switches.

Then he said okay, and went to play in the other room.

I love it. You could see him testing and exploring the boundaries in his head before he did it. :)

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